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In June of this year, the men at Calvary had the privilege of hearing Dr Michael Haykin speak at a Saturday morning breakfast. He gave several different stories regarding physical presence as being important for friendship, and one stood out to me. Recently Michael had injured himself so that he could no longer travel. As a professor in a southern US seminary, Michael would travel there to teach but since he could not travel, Michael used Skype to give the lectures. What he noticed was that while he was doing the distance education, no one asked questions or shared comments. It was not until he resumed going to the campus that the two-way dialogue resumed. Can you relate to his experience? 

As a church, we need each other. Some members of our church are longing to come to church but cannot because of their health concerns. Do you have a similar attitude of longing, or are you satisfied just listening to a podcast or a video? These things are good for the short term but you need human touch, a friendly hello, to be helping someone, discipling someone and being discipled. 
When live theatre, concerts, are lectures still a big part of our society, why do we have such an issue with meeting together regularly as a church? When you listen alone, sing alone, or pray alone you should miss the power and impact of corporate or small group prayer and worship. You should long for it. 

I've included a link to an article titled, "Seriously, Go to Church". Please have a read, it is not long. Then let’s meet face to face to discuss why the local church should be important in our lives and what we can do to make it so. I’ll buy the coffee.
Please remember that being a Christian is not a solo event. We need each other ( I Corinthians 12).

Seriously, Go to Church

Peter Klahsen, Elder Chair

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