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The Voices of the People

When I was in school, I had a professor who continually spoke about the voices of the people of the church in context of worship. He talked about how singing upbeat and happy songs are a good thing; they give a voice to those who have experienced God’s faithfulness. Songs of thankfulness are good because they give a voice to those who have experienced God’s provision. 


But what about the people who have had a rough week? What if they haven’t felt God’s faithfulness or provision in awhile? Are we giving them a voice when they come to church on Sunday?


Somewhere around 40% of the Psalms can be classified as lament Psalms, so we know it’s not wrong to have a rough week and it doesn’t make you any less of a believer. Difficulty and doubt are real challenges that we all face as followers of Christ. When we feel this way, do we have a voice on Sunday mornings? Can we come to church and share our hearts even when life has been hard and the doubting is real?




We try to sing a variety of worship songs every Sunday morning. We try to have those upbeat songs to express praise and thankfulness but we try to balance them out with songs that cry out to God for help and direction. We design the worship service for the people of God in whatever season of life they may be in and we come together as a family to be there for one another in times of trial. 


You have a voice here at Calvary, regardless of how together your life is.


Patrick Shay, Director of Worship