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The Proof of the Resurrection

One of the main objections that people will voice against Christianity has to do with the resurrection of Jesus. They will say things like, “He never really existed; it is all just a myth,” or, “He never really died, he just went into a comma and then woke up a few days later,” or, “The disciples must have all been hallucinating when they claimed to see the risen Christ.” Apart from the grace of God, it can be very hard to believe that somebody could die and then be resurrected to life. So did Jesus really rise from the dead? How can we know for sure that He did?

As some of you may know, Calvary's Youth Group has been going through a series helping us to learn how to defend our faith. Recently we learned about different proofs for the resurrection of Jesus. The five main points/facts we looked at were: Jesus died by crucifixion, His disciples were convinced that he rose from the dead and then appeared to them, Paul (an enemy of Christ) became a Christian, James (Jesus’ unbelieving brother) became a Christian, and the tomb was empty.

Do you know how to elaborate on any or all of these five points? Do you know the factual ways that you can defend the resurrection of Jesus? Below is the link to the video that we watched; it is a really good start to figuring these things out and starting to be able to give good reasons for the hope that you have in Christ. Take a peak at it.