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The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Day descends up on us – our anticipation grows and our excitement overflows. It’s a busy time of year, and there’s a lot happening here at Calvary. The theme we’ve chosen for this Christmas season has been “A Simple Christmas” and it's our prayer that the Christmas Eve service reflects this. We’ve designed a simple time of worship suited to the Christmas season. It’s a chance to invite our friends and family out to sing some Christmas carols, hear some amazing special music, and experience the Word of God.

As this season comes to its climax, I’m reminded of the simplicity of how our Saviour was born. He did not enter the world in a beautiful mansion surrounded by perfect circumstance; He came into this world in a simple, ordinary stable. He was birthed by an ordinary woman. He was wrapped inside the unexpected so we could know just how far his love stretched. I pray that as we approach Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we treat it as a time to celebrate the incredible story of amazing love. I pray that we would come to worship and celebrate what God has done.