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The Lamb of God

We’re about a month past Easter. I’ve had these thoughts brewing since then, but my turn to post a blog has just come this week. During Easter, we celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We sang songs and heard sermons that reflected the truth that Jesus came forth as the Lamb of God, the perfect sacrifice for the sins of anyone who would put their faith in him. Three days later, he was raised from the dead.


During some of my own reading through the scripture these past few weeks, I found myself in some parts of Revelation where I noticed Jesus being called the Lamb quite a few times. This piqued my interest, as at this point in the scripture, Jesus has already died and risen again. Jesus is referred to as the Lamb 34 times in the New Testament and 29 of those times are in the book of Revelation.


Why do we continue to refer to Jesus as the Lamb when he’s already died and risen from the dead? As Bob Kauflan says, “Because it was as the sacrificial Lamb that Jesus is worthy of praise, satisfied God’s wrath against us, triumphed over Satan by removing his ability to accuse us, and secured our reconciliation with God (Rev. 5:9; Rom. 3:21-26: Col. 2:13-15; Rom 5:10)”. Jesus took our place and went through our punishment. He fulfilled every sacrifice and in fact, his was the last and final sacrifice. His offering will never be repeated. 

Patrick Shay, Director of Worship


(Photo: Marble wall hanging from chapel at Tyndale University College and Seminary)