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The Gift of the Christmas Season Gift of the Christmas Season

It is here! The Christmas season has begun. Though there is a bit of a tendency in our culture to try to take Christ out of Christmas I still think God is at work in this season in some amazing ways.

The other night my lovely wife and I got a cool little Christmas tree, and in the midst of it being decorated I threw on a little bit of instrumental Christmas music and it reminded me of some peaceful joyful times. Then I got thinking about some of the ways that God might be using the Christmas season for His glory.

I was reminded of how much more emotionally warm people seem to be in this time of year. Generally we live in a rather cold culture in regards to our social practices; however, around Christmas time people are often more willing to joke around and have nice conversation and just be more warm and loving in general. I find myself fascinated by this because it is almost as if, for a season, God in His grace pushes back some of the darkness and disunity in our nations and brings in a little more light, joy, and unity. Ironically enough, this is sort of the exact reason why we celebrate Christmas! We remember and rejoice that Jesus came into the world, as the light of the world, to set us free from sin and bring us back into perfect unity with God through faith in Him.

I recognize that we are all going through different areas and struggles in our lives, but I hope that you are able to find some reasons to rejoice in this Christmas season. Know that you are loved by God and trust that He is at work in this season, continually pushing back darkness and bringing in light. Rejoice in, and continually take hold of, the free gift of salvation that God offers through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas, God Bless,
Kyle Royal, Pastoral Intern