Kids Min Update Kids Min Update By now we have settled into our fall routines.†It’s back to school, programs, lessons and comfort food.† Although with this beautiful weather,†we haven’t really had to pull out the cozy sweaters just yet.† I’m curious what your favourite summer activity might have been?†Did you visit somewhere new, read a good book or try a new activity?† This spring and summer our family decided to start hiking regularly.†It was a great time for us to talk, share, enjoy the outdoors, explore and of course admire God’s incredible landscape.†Being surrounded by nature always reminds
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Just One Word I have always considered myself to be a youthful person. I lived independently at 14,†graduated High School at 17, got married at 18, owned a home at 20, and I just always felt†young. Recently though I was faced with my unyouthfulness when my son came home on his first day of school with an assignment that began, "Now that you're in grade 12..." Grade 12? Are you serious? When did I get old enough to have a child in grade 12? Apparently it happened this September...† The assignment was quite an interesting†one; it told the students that although their age and stage of life were rapidly
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Serving the Body of Christ Through the Lordís Supper Before our times of celebration around the Communion table this summer, we reviewed the theological importance of what we were doing. They were good reminders and I pray that they were helpful for what we do regularly at Calvary. The purpose behind reviewing these fundamental principles was to introduce a change to the way that we serve communion. For years at Calvary, our Elders have faithfully served communion along with other men in our church, and I want to thank them for their faithful service to the body of Christ. During the spring, we reviewed the meaning of the Lord’s Supper,
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