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Kids Ministry and the Wow Factor Children's Ministry at Calvary Burlington | Child playing in a puddle

As Sunday school teachers and children’s ministry leaders, we are always looking for the ‘wow factor’.  How can we make our lessons fun and present the Bible truths so that they stick? Is the key to a great story having a large stage with lights and great actors? Is it fancy curriculum with lots of media? Is the learning space critical to the success of Sunday school? Are thematic units better than chronologically going through the Bible? Perhaps it’s the prizes or yummy snacks- or maybe a craft that creates that unforgettable lesson.

I believe that sometimes it does require some of these things to enhance or bring a lesson to life.  More importantly however, I feel it is a personal connection that makes a lesson relevant and is most effective. 

Some of the best lessons I’ve seen use simple object lessons. Some of our teachers here have baked during a lesson, made a rainbow in a glass jar, used flash paper, built wooden houses, dressed in Bible-themed costumes or created picture scavenger hunts.

Others have made prayer journals, gardens in containers, paintings with scripture, puppets, blessing jars or painted rocks.

Kids enjoy the opportunity to explore, question, build, create, participate and be involved in the lesson.  A lesson that invites different ways of engagement can be effective.

We are blessed at Calvary Burlington to have great teachers and helpers who want to point our kids to Jesus. Each week is an adventure- as we prepare and pray for our lessons.

While it is our job to do our best to be ready each Sunday and to make a connection, God is the ultimate ‘wow factor’.

Plant the seeds.

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness;
    I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High.
 (Psalm 7:17)

Tanya Chant, Director of Family and Children's Ministry