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FEB Central: Stronger Together

Some of you might not know this, but our church is part of a Fellowship of churches across Canada known as the Fellowship of Evangelical Church (FEB for short). Within Ontario and English-speaking Quebec there are 276 churches. Our national president is Steve Jones and our region is led by Bob Flemming. These group of churches has been working together since 1953; our region was established in 1986 with the mission “to equip and resource the local Church to develop leaders, plant churches and maximize church health, in a spirit of mutual co-operation.”

FEB Central was established with the idea that we are stronger together when we partner together in mission. In the last few years, FEB Central has had a renewed emphasis on this partnership in order to strengthen and build up the churches we have and launch and develop brand new churches. 

Through your generosity to the work at Calvary, our church has contributed heavily to this endeavour and we celebrate that God is using those resources in incredible ways.  Listen to just a few of the things that God is doing…

  • Planting 8 churches last years, in addition to 25 other new churches
  • Incubating 22 new churches that are preparing to launch
  • Training planters through Advance Church Planting Institute in Toronto
  • Investing in ministry reaching out to recent immigrants to Canada
  • Partnering with 17 Associations (subdivisions of Region) to support our churches
  • Placing 14 two-year full-time interns within churches
  • Facilitating 16 leadership training workshops and seminars
  • Continuing Connection Calls for women and  consultations for Women’s ministry
  • Providing 5 youth retreats and a Youth Ministries Summit
  • Assisting churches in staffing Senior Pastor and other positions


This is outstanding work and I am so encouraged to see how partnering together and sacrificing and sharing our resources can lead to greater kingdom impact.  For more information about FEB Central, visit and pray for the continued proliferation of the Gospel through our churches.  Healthy and vibrant churches are key to reaching this present generation for Jesus Christ.


Pastor Aaron