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Face to Face: Encounters with Jesus New Series this Summer Face to Face

As I read the gospel accounts of Jesus’ ministry on this earth, I am amazed in the way that he interacted with the people.  As Jesus met and talked with people, he had the incredible ability to see past the troubles, the hurts, the sin, in order to get to the core of the issue that each was dealing with.


There are times when we see Jesus call people out for their sin and hypocrisy.  Often, this was in response to religious people not living up to the standard that they themselves were setting for others.  Jesus couldn’t stand hypocrisy, so he wanted to expose the error of their ways and call them to get back to what a relationship with God was truly to be.


There are other times when we see Jesus meet with people who, in that time and culture, would have made him look like he was hanging around with undesirables and people of low repute. Those interactions show Jesus’ compassion and his desire to break down cultural barriers that would hinder the understanding the Gospel and what Jesus had come to do in bringing people together to worship God.


This summer, I want us to journey through some of these interactions and see Jesus in his face-to-face exchanges with people. It is my desire that we would see the beauty of Christ and the beauty of his gospel in order to foster a greater desire to follow him and to introduce people to this Jesus.


Did you catch that? To introduce people to this Jesus, the Christ that we ourselves have experienced. 


It is my unequivocal belief that if we take the time to introduce people to Jesus Christ, they will be overwhelmed with love and grace. People are searching for Jesus, whether they understand their feelings or not, we have the unbelievable opportunity to share Jesus with them.  I am looking forward to the summer and I hope you are too.


Pastor Aaron Groat