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When I was a kid I lived in low-income housing outside of Kingston. Our community was so segregated from the rest of the city that we even had our own city bus (go Parkway!). Trust me - nobody got on that bus unless they lived in our part of town.


But one summer a local church came. They set up a little evening VBS in our complex and played music through a speaker. They taught Bible stories and put on puppet shows. Every week I rode my bike around and around those people, trying to decide whether I would stop and listen.


To be perfectly honest, I never did. They came week after week and even though it sounded fun,  I never stopped to hear what they said. 


If I could go back in time, I would walk up to those workers and thank them for what they were doing. I’d tell them to persevere no matter how many kids rode past. I’d tell them that their work has eternal value, and there was no telling how long it would take people like me to submit to Jesus' call. I’d turn and tell the kids that they could ride bikes any day, but today was the day to hear about Jesus!


Next week Forest Cliff Camp arrives in Burlington. Families who typically zip past our church building, wondering whether they should come by to hear what we have to say, will drop their kids off at Calvary for a day of fun and adventure. Of crafts and songs. And Jesus.


So next week please be praying. 

  • Pray that the kids who come will know they are valued and loved by their leaders, our church, and by the Creator of the universe.
  • Pray for gospel transformation in the lives of our kids.
  • Pray that the camp staff will maintain their energy over the busy week.
  • Pray that our billets will demonstrate caring and hospitality to the staff staying in their homes.
  • Pray for great weather and safety in all camp activities.


We’ll be sending out some specific prayer requests next week, so be watching your email for info on how you can be praying for our camp.  If you’re not yet on our church email blast, sign up here:


Candi Thorpe