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Caring for the Youth Well (Pt 2) prayer

In my last article I talked about one aspect of what it means to faithfully steward the youth that are in the church or involved in the church in some regard – the role of games in youth ministry and the relationship between games and effectively heralding the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation. Today I would like to focus on a different aspect of being faithful to the youth God has placed in our paths.

One of the key ways to faithfully steward the youth that God has blessed us with is to pour into them and to share our lives with them; to provide good role models for the students to be able to emulate as they get older, and to be examples to follow as we follow Christ. This type of pouring into can be done in a variety of contexts: on a Sunday morning, in a one-on-one discipleship meeting, hosting a meal for students, getting involved with Calvary Youth Ministries, or simply just asking a student how they are doing when you see them.

I was encouraged to see how many individuals were excited to help out with our most recent youth event. We did a Progressive Dinner and three different families hosted the youth and leaders for various courses of the meal. On top of that, a fourth family made dessert, and a fifth family served it at the church. I am sure if more help was needed more people would have given their time and energy. This is the type of passion for youth ministry that we want to be continually encouraging; because when we show our love and care for the youth like this, they can get a clearer picture of how Jesus loves them, and how He invites and welcomes them into His life and presence.

No matter what fears you may have – you feel you are too old, too awkward, just not cool enough – whatever the lie is that you might be believing; it is not too big for Jesus to overcome. Jesus understands and can relate to your struggle. After all, Jesus most-likely wasn’t deemed cool by a lot of people in His time on earth, some conversations with Him might have felt a bit awkward (but we know that they would have still been good and good for the hearers), and finally, let’s face it... Jesus is older than you! At least in the sense in that He has been around much longer than you. 

Ultimately we are called to be like Him, and no matter what your stage of life, be encouraged and know that God wants to work through your life in magnificent ways to radically impact the lives around you, no matter what age group the people around you fall under. If you feel like the Lord might be leading you to start playing a more active role in the lives of some of these young people at our church please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email, or even just in person on Sunday mornings here at Calvary.

God Bless,

Kyle Royal