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Camp Ministry Calvary Day Camp

As you may know, our summer camp at Calvary is well under way. It has been an amazing few days working with Forest Cliff and getting to know their incredible staff. They have such big hearts for God and passion for children’s ministry.


I am so proud of the way our church family and camp leaders have partnered to create a memorable camp experience and to share the message of Jesus. The energy and excitement here this week is through the roof!


I recently read an article from Ministry to Children, entitled, 110 Reasons to Love Children’s Ministry. Readers were asked to answer the question, “Why do you love children’s ministry”? Their responses were made into a list and I felt encouraged by their heart-felt comments and genuine enthusiasm.


Here are a few of their answers:

  1. I love to show the kids that God is awesome.
  2. Play Dough!
  3. When I prepare to teach kids, I grow in my understanding too!
  4. Children’s ministry is fun, rewarding and a chance to make a lasting impact on children and their families.
  5. I love to see the looks in their eyes when they start to understand God’s plan for their life.
  6. I still play with Lego.
  7. I love seeing these children growing into excited young adults who are sold-out for Christ.
  8. It is my way of serving God in response to His love for me.
  9. Working with kids will keep you in touch with what truly matters-loving God and loving others.
  10. I love the energy that kids bring to worshipping God.
  11. God has amazing promises for those who trust Him, I don’t want these kids to miss out.
  12. The joy of hearing a child’s heart-felt prayer.
  13. At church, it’s only the kids who will tell you when your hair looks bad.
  14. I love that I get to be a part of planting seeds in their lives.

Having camp this week reminded me of the blessing it is to serve in Children’s Ministry. We get to laugh, do crafts, act silly, sing and play games – all while pointing children to God.

Tanya Chant,  Director of Family & Children's Ministry