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Calvary Burlington App Now AvailableWarning - this news article expired on 2017-04-21. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable
I can remember a High School teacher asking our class if there could possibly be anything that would hold more data than a CD. Keep in mind that CDs were quite the new-fangled thing. I worked for A&A Records and Tapes and we had only recently started selling CDs. The starting price for a single audio CD was $39.99 and went as high as $79.99, but the sound quality was outstanding (nod to The Wedding Singer fans). 
In 1989 it was hard to fathom that anything could surpass the CD or that anything would need to. But time passed and brought a new wave of technology for us to embrace. 
It makes me think of my time here on staff at Calvary. Eveline Weber held this Administration role for many years before retiring in 2008, and in her time she ushered the church into a whole new realm of communication: computers, laser printers, email, voice mail and more. She did an excellent job of bringing communication and technological advances to Calvary. 
As we continue to move forward, we are always looking for ways to serve you better. We want to streamline how we get you the information that you need, and also how we receive information and feedback from you as you engage in the mission of the church.
To that end, I’m happy to announce the new Calvary Burlington App for Apple or Android devices. With it you can:
  • Stream audio messages on your device and save your favourite episodes to your phone or tablet. 
  • See and register for upcoming events.
  • Receive instant access to Calvary Burlington's social media feeds and blog posts.
  • Receive notifications of important news and updates (be sure to allow notifications when you download the App).
  • Submit prayer requests and praise items.
  • Follow along with the Sunday message and take notes on your device through the Sunday Event button. 
  • See details about news items and upcoming events with Calvary's E-Bulletin.
  • Hear the latest worship music on Spotify, including our Sunday Setlist (requires a free Spotify account).


Communication methods in the church continue to change, but the heart of the message is the same. It’s the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, and how it transforms us and compels us to share the salvation story with others.
I’m excited for how God is at work at Calvary Burlington. And I’m excited that we get co communicate His story online, with Social Media, and now through the Calvary Burlington App.  So download the App today, and then rate it if you like it! 
Candi Thorpe, Administration