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Alpha Update Alpha

I am so grateful to see some of the ways that we have been continually coming together as a church to be a blessing to our community and to each other. One thing in particular that stands out to me is the great overall response that we have had towards Alpha.


It is so exciting to see the ways that the church has come together to make Alpha possible; not only through all of your prayers and support, but also with determination, and constant persistence needed to be continually inviting your friends, family, and anyone else who may be longing for answers to life’s big questions.


I can’t thank the volunteer team enough for all of the work and time that they have been pouring into Alpha. It is amazing to see the ways that the Lord has been blessing this outreach initiative so far and we look forward to more and more of His grace, mercy, and help for the rest of this fall’s Alpha series.


Be encouraged that no matter how far we get into this Alpha series, you are always more than welcome to invite out your friends, family, co-workers (or whomever else you may think to invite) to any one of the Alpha sessions on Monday nights. Please be in prayer for Alpha as we move forward; we want to see God put His glory on display in magnificent ways and, as a result, see many people come to acknowledge Christ as Lord of all, and put their faith and hope in Him alone for their salvation.


Kyle Royal, Pastoral Intern