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Calvary Baptist Church
2458 St Frances Drive
Burlington, ON L7P1V5
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Sundays at 10:00 am
Calvary Burlington
Thanks for visiting our website. We are a church that's been around Burlington for a long time, but God is doing something new and fresh in our community. We want to invite you to check out our site and visit us on a Sunday morning. You will be surprised by what you find We are just normal people serving an extraordinary God; One who set us free to worship and serve Him. At Calvary we talk about what life is all about, and what matters to you. We are growing in this journey and invite you to be part of what God is doing.

Christmas at Calvary
Christmas is a special time. For some it means going to see family and friends, and for some it means going to church. And although going is a lot of fun, we also remember that Christmas is a time of coming. It's when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, God's Son, who came into the world to be our Saviour. The Bible puts it this way: "The Word [that means Jesus] became flesh and dwelt among us." Jesus left the glory of heaven and came to earth because He loved us and wanted to provide a way for us to be saved from our sin. So on Christmas we celebrate all the great places we can go, but most of all we celebrate the coming of Jesus. Click here for more information about Christmas at Calvary.


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